Pest and Feral Animal Managemant Solutions

Message from the Owner, Joe Carmody

Professionalism Assured

I have been a professional and contract shooter for over 20 years, based in New South Wales at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

As a young boy I always enjoyed shooting and reloading ammunition with my grandfather, who also showed me to respect and safely use firearms, as I got older I started helping out farmers and friends where I could at the same time trying to perfect my shooting precision.

I hold a license for wild game harvesting and for feral and pest management, with experience with many culling and pest animal mangement jobs, ranging from golf courses, semi rural applications to large scale projects on single properties or with farmer cooperatives between land owners on properties and industrial.

I consider and pride myself on providing a safe environment with an ethical and humane approach to all situations.

As owner of Armoured Outlaw Contrating, I look forward to speaking and personally working with you in finding a solution for your feral or pest management problem.

Armoured Outlaw Contracting

Professionalism Assured
Ethical, Humane Approach

Feral animal culling Australia
We can help you with:

Birds – Pigeons, Indian Myna’s, Sparrows, Starlings, and other birds subject to licensing.
Rodents, rabbits and hares, foxes, feral cats, feral dogs, feral pigs, feral goats, feral deer, donkeys and feral cattle.

Wild animal harvesting services also available.

Professional approach to feral animal mangement

Australia wide feral animal culling service


AOC provides all paperwork required for your pest animal management. We are fully insured for vehicles and liability.